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MUTEK Limited is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Card Reader/Writer, Card Dispensers, Card Issuing Machines and other card devices specifically for kiosks and self-service terminals. The products are now widely integrated globally in card vending machines, self-service inquiry machines, gaming machines etc..

MUTEK Limited was founded in 2005 and gradually built up its design and manufacturing center in Shenzhen China. Since the establishment, MUTEK has been devoting to card reader/writer machines, card dispenser machines and other accessories specifically for kiosks and self-service machines.

As an innovative and dedicated enterprise, MUTEK initially released its own proprietary magnetic card reading module series as early as 2005. Due to the competitive price and high stability, the modules are widely accepted by domestic clients in China. More and more customers procure our parts as spare parts and alternative for low cost solutions.

Meanwhile, MUTEK also put effort on building its own portfolio for card dispensing solutions meeting market demands. By now, MUTEK has established its own complete products line to satisfy reading/writing and dispensing of all popular cards in use.

MUTEK is always on the way of following the market trends and meeting customer requirements. We make customization to meet specified requirements. With rich experience and accumulation, we offer economical and timely works globally.

Since the establishment, MUTEK is always seeking for modernization, standardization and innovation.  MUTEK will constantly be creative and intensive in the card industry to maximize the mutual benefit and customer satisfaction.