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Low Cost Car Parking System Card Dispenser(Discontinued)

Economical Card dispenser

MTK-DS Series Card Dispensers

Mutek’s economical series card dispensers are specifically targeting on car parking,  highway tolling systems, man-attended machines or other non-critical applications. The machine features a perfect balance of cost and stability. With reserved antenna space, it’s also optional to integrate RFID modules for RFID card reading/writing.


  1. Consolidated Anti-dust and Vibration Resistance Mechanism, good adaptability to distorted cards;
  2. Card Preload function for shortening dispensing cycle time;
  3. Direct response to on/off signal from button switch and Vehicle detectors/Sensors;
  4. Audio Alert for low capacity, empty or malfunction, hardware watchdog;

Available Models:

  1. MTK-DS11: Standard Model, Optional RFID Module, ;
  2. MTK-DS21: Stepper Motor Version of MTK-DS11, longer lifespan;
  3. MTK-DS11S: Short Profile Version with optional RFID Module.


  • Card Type: PVC or Paper Cards, Optional RFID Card Read/Write Module;
  • Card Dimension: 54x86mm, 0.6~2.0mm adjustable thickness;
  • Communication: TTL&RS232;
  • Power Supply: DC12V2A
  • Capability: 200pcsx0.76mm, extensible with extra card hopper;
  • Lifespan: 500,000 dispensing cycles;
  • Temperature: -25~+70℃(Working); -30~+70℃(Storage);
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 190x80x230mm;
  • Weight: 2.5Kg;

MUTEK DS series Card Dispensers and Card Issuing Machines are designed for low cost card dispensing solutions.  They are supposed to be used in car parking, highway tolling systems or other man-attended machines.  For unattended machines or other critical applications, please consider the general purpose models from our portfolio or contact us for suggestions.

Notes: This model has been discontinued, the successive model is MTK-F11 or MTK-F12