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Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Readers for desktop and self-service kiosk

Our Magnetic Stripe Swipe Readers are the magstripe swipers with flexibility and reliability. The swiping devices are applicable in desktop and self-service kiosk terminals.
The swipe card readers offer flexible interface configurations such as TTL, USB or PS2. Also, the devices are easy for integrating in POS and self-service terminals.

MTK-T5 Magnetic card Swiper for Kiosk, POS and Self-service Terminals

MTK-T5 is a magnetic card reader module specially designed for kiosk, POS and various self-service terminals.  It’s a PBOC certified swiper to support ISO7811/78121 magnetic card [...]

MTK-R1x00 Series TTL Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Readers

MTK-R1x00 series TTL magnetic card swipe readers are offered for easy integration in kiosks, POS and other self-service terminals. The swipe reader features low power [...]