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Embedded reader modules

Certified Switching Power Supply for MUTEK Machines

Meanwell DC Power Supply

Meanwell Switch Power Supply

DC5V/12V/24V power supply units are generally applicable for our card readers and dispensesrs. Over 2A current output are suggested for stable operation.

There are 3 models of standard switching power supply from Mean Well that are generally used and supplied by MUTEK. All models feature universal 110V~220V AC input, and overload/short circuit/over voltage protection.

  1. NES-50-24: DC24V2.2A
    • Applicable for 24V Card Dispensers and Card Recycling Machines
  2. NES-35-12:  DC12V3.0A
    • Applicable for 12V Motor Card Reader/Writers;
  3. NES-15-5: DC5V3A,
    • Applicable for 5V Manual Insert Card Readers;

The above models are suggested for testing and evaluation of samples only, please consider self-evaluation according to your own application conditions.