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MUTEK – Leading Supplier of  Card Reader/Writer, Card Dispensers and Card Issuing Machines

MUTEK Limited is a leading supplier and manufacturer of various card reader/writer modules, card dispensers, card issuing machines and other devices for kiosks and self-service terminals.

Since the establishment in 2005, MUTEK has been devotedly pursuing the goal of crafting industry leading machines.  With its professional R&D and management team, MUTEK gradually launches the most complete range of products which covers most frequent card applications in self service industry.

Generally, our machines implement one or more functions of card reading, writing, dispensing, collecting process independently or jointly. There are mainly four categories for our products:

  1. Card Reader/Writer with manual or motor driven mode for decoding and/or encoding of popular magnetic, RFID or IC Cards;
  2. Card Issuing Machines that implement card dispensing without integrated reading/writing modules;
  3.  Card Collectors that receive and recycle cards with optional reading/writing functions;
  4.  Card Dispensers that dispense cards with optional reading/writing, collecting functions.

Each of our products, regardless of simplicity or complexity, is under rigid supervision in the stage of modeling, prototype, testing and production.  We also carry out regular market survey in kiosk and self service industry and maintain close relationship with our partners in providing the most suitable and latest products.

MUTEK is always sticking to the strategy of sustainable development by designing and manufacturing high quality and low cost products.  Our machines are widely applied in various card vending machines, kiosks and other self-service terminals in the industry of retail, healthcare, hospitality and communication domestically and globally. MUTEK works closely with its partners to provide easy-to-use, reliable and economical solutions.

In service part, MUTEK provide all-round support for its products for seek of our clients’ fast development, quick response and rapid deployment.  For every product, there are detailed datasheet, communication protocol, APIs, and demo programs carefully prepared for evaluation and reference purpose.

As a leading supplier and producer of card reader/writer and card dispenser, we welcome all kiosk manufacturers, self-service solution providers and various clients from healthcare, transportation, hospitality, retail, communication and other industries.

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