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  • & self-service kiosks: Custom design, Integration and Manufacturing.

A free 3D step file that denotes card dimensions and the magetic stripe locations according to ISO7810&7811 and ISO/IEC 7816 Contact IC card.(Download Link at the bottom) The 3D also shows the Contact IC locations and all contact Pin locations and numbers according to ISO/IEC 7816(An international standard related to electronic identification cards with contacts, […] Read more

Instant card Issuance or decentralized card issuance means that the credit or debit card is issued and activated on the spot and then can be used immediately. It’s essential for today’s market, enabling financial institutions to get new or existing customers up and running with their bank card instantly. There are a number of ways […] Read more

MTK-U6S is a box dispenser for thick medium such as boxes, tokens, ingots etc. With 2 portable and lockable cassettes, the medium dispenser can accurately select and dispenser box from certain hopper. Integrated barcode scanner can reader barcode or QR-Code before dispensing. Electrical shutter helps to provide security and prevent vandalism.

MTK-F8-1800 is a mini turntable card dispenser for subbranch level self-service personalized card dispensing solutions. Within <45 cm/18 inch cubic dimension, the dispenser applies a reprocessed 2-ring turntable that stores and indexes 270 pieces of cards for accurate personalized dispensing. The compact design of the machines provides maximum flexibility for integration in small spaces of […] Read more

MTK-F8 series turntable card personalizer is the solution for instant and automated card personalization and dispensing, which provides the capability to personalize cards in real-time at the branch level and to dispense immediately into consumers’ hands. MTK-F8-1400 automatic card personalizer is built on a turntable card dispenser with mechanisms to transfer cards freely to and […] Read more