MTK-U6S Medium/Token Dispenser with integrated barcode scanner

MTK-U6S is a box dispenser for thick medium such as boxes, tokens, ingots etc. With 2 portable and lockable cassettes, the medium dispenser can accurately select and dispenser box from certain hopper. Integrated barcode scanner can reader barcode or QR-Code before dispensing. Electrical shutter helps to provide security and prevent vandalism. Recycle box are equipped to allow remained box to be recycled upon demand or timeout.

U6S token dispenser

U6S token dispenser


  • Single/Dual Cassettes options for maximum capacity of up to 50 ingots;
  • 1D or 2D barcode scanner integrated for tracking and recording dispensed items;
  • Accurately detect and report pre-empty, empty, capacity and box position status with multiple sensor groups.
  • Enclosed and lockable cassettes, portable and manageable separately.
  • Auto diagnosis and report of status, fault and errors, auto reset functions;
  • Recycle Bin included for recycling of maximum 4 boxes;


  1. Medium Dimension: 100±1mmx80±0.5mm;
  2. Allowed Medium Thickness: 15~20mm;
  3. Communication: RS232 9600bps;
  4. Work Voltage DC24V±5%
    Idle Current 200mA
    Max Current 2.5A
  5. Cassette Capacity: 30 Sets (20mm thickness) / 40Sets(15mm thickness)
    Recycle Capacity: 5 Sets
  6. Work Condition: Temperature/Humidity: 0℃–50℃/0-90%(Non-Condensed)

MTK-U6S is applicable in variable of banking automation kiosks for dispensing bank tokens, cards, gifts, leaflets enclosed inside boxes, which greatly improves efficiency and customer experience.