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Card Dispenser Kiosks: Custom Design & Manufacturing

  • MUTEK is the Leading Provider for Card Dispensers, Card Readers & Kiosk Hardware Solutions;
  • Expert on various Card Dispensing Solutions for general & special applications;
  • Capability in Development, Manufacturing, Customization & Sourcing;
  • Custom Card Dispenser Kiosk Design & Manufacturing;
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MTK-F59 is the card dispenser module with up to 6 portable card hoppers that can be highly customized to work with motor card readers. With card hooking mechanism applied, the machine can be controlled to issue card from designated card hopper. All Hoppers and collection boxes are securely locked for security and safe management.

Instant card Issuance or decentralized card issuance means that the credit or debit card is issued and activated on the spot and then can be used immediately. It’s essential for today’s market, enabling financial institutions to get new or existing customers up and running with their bank card instantly. There are a number of ways […] Read more

R02-P10 is a Smart Contactless Card Reader module with integrated SAM Slot. This RFID Card Reader supports wide ranges of smart cards/tags of Mifare Classic S50, S70, Desfire and Ultralight, and ISO14443-4 Type A &B CPU cards. The integrated SAM slot can use ISO7816 SAM cards. Features: Communication: RS-232 @ default baud rate 19200; Working voltage: […] Read more

MTK-U6S is a box dispenser for thick medium such as boxes, tokens, ingots etc. With 2 portable and lockable cassettes, the medium dispenser can accurately select and dispenser box from certain hopper. Integrated barcode scanner can reader barcode or QR-Code before dispensing. Electrical shutter helps to provide security and prevent vandalism.

T150 is the 80mm kiosk printer designed for panel mounting installation and thermal receipt printing in self service kiosks. The printer module features up to 250mm/sec print speed, 203dpi resolution with EPSON printhead, 1 million heavy duty paper cuts and flash memory for custom NV graphics logos. Key Features(T150II Kiosk Thermal Receipt Printer) Easy 90° […] Read more