Compact and Reliable Manual Insert Card Readers

Our compact and higly reliable manual card readers are applicable for self-service devices in various industries. The manual insert series include magnetic and IC/RF card readers.

We supply manual card readers specified for single types or universal for hybrid cards.

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R02-P10 is a Smart Contactless Card Reader module with integrated SAM Slot. This RFID Card Reader supports wide ranges of smart cards/tags of Mifare Classic S50, S70, Desfire and Ultralight, and ISO14443-4 Type A &B CPU cards. The integrated SAM slot can use ISO7816 SAM cards. Features: Communication: RS-232 @ default baud rate 19200; Working voltage: […] Read more

MTK-288S is a manual insert card reader that supports both contact chip and contactless RF cards. Featuring simple and compact design, the DIP reader can be widely applied in various card reading applications on kiosks, self-service terminals and gaming machines. Features: Simple manual insertion mode, low cost and easy integration; 2 in 1 hybrid reader […] Read more

MTK-S9 is a dual interface smart card reader that offers all-in-one capability for both contact and contactless smart cards of that follow the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards. S9 desktop smart card reader provides full speed USB 2.0 interface for easy PC connection and CCID compliance for quick integration with popular Operating systems. Features: […] Read more

MTK-S3 DIP Card reader is a compact and elegant DIP card reader designed for contact Card reading/writing. It is fully compliant with PC/SC and CCID specifications, and supports various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. S3 DIP reader features full-speed USB interface of up to 600kps reading/writing speed and highly durable contact […] Read more

MTK-288K is a highly reliable insertion and hybrid card reader. The device includes advanced features such as auto latching function, PSAM slot and RF antenna. The magnetic modules are optimized for decoding of warped magnetic cards in wide range of speeds.  They excel in various fields, including ATM and POS terminals, KIOSK terminals and entry/exit control systems. Features: […] Read more