Compact and Reliable Manual Insert Card Readers

MTK-288B is a compact and higly reliable Half Insert Smart Card Reader. The model handles hybrid IC&RFID Reading/Writing with slim package and simple structure. The simpilfied and robust design allows wide applications in access control, public telephone, vending and gaming machines etc..  Features: Hybrid reading/writing of Contact and Contactless cards; Compact size and light weight allow easy installation in […] Read more

MTK-603 reader/writer is a high speed RFID card reading module that conforms to Mifare &Light Standard. It’s the low cost RFID reading/writing solution for a wide variety of hobbyist and commercial applications, including access control, automatic identification, robotics, navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, and car immobilization. Features:  High speed RFID reading/writing, high reliability and low power […] Read more

MTK-R13 is a Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Reader designed to be embedded in kiosks and gaming machines. . It functions reading single, dual or triple ISO magnetic tracks. Unlike common Magnetic Readers, MTK-R13 decodes data when inserting or dragging card out of reader. The insertion design make it possible to be dipped into gaming machines […] Read more

MTK-T1S is compact magnetic swipe card reader.  It reads 3 tracks of data with a single swipe in either direction and conforms to industry ISO7811/7812 specifications.  It’s easy to be integrated into kiosks, security systems and vending devices etc.  Features: Compact Design and Easy Integration with existing systems; Bi-directional reading of up to 3 tracks of magnetic data; […] Read more