Compact and Reliable Manual Insert Card Readers

MTK-288D DIP Card Reader reads magnetic cards and read/write both smart and memory cards. With RS232 and USB interfaces, the devices offers user-friendly command protocol for easy integration in various kiosks, ATMs and other self-service terminals. Product Specifications: Card Standard: Magnetic Card Read: ID-1,7811 ; IC Card Read/Write: ISO7816-2 IC Card T=0,T=1 CPU Card; T=0、T=1 SIM Card; Card Dimension: 55*86mm, 0.4~1.2mm […] Read more

PT-3901/3902 is a half-insertion manual IC card reader&writer designed for ISO-7816 cards. The reader follows PCSC specification, which facilitates the integration and development. With simple, compact and robust design, it’s suitable for various applications in financing, gaming, casino and other self-service terminals, etc. Product Specifications: Card Type: ISO7816 Classes A/B/C (5V, 3V), ATMEL, SIEMENS series card  Interface: USB 2.0(PCSC) […] Read more

MTK-288B is a compact and higly reliable Half Insert Smart Card Reader. The model handles hybrid IC&RFID Reading/Writing with slim package and simple structure. The simpilfied and robust design allows wide applications in access control, public telephone, vending and gaming machines etc..  Features: Hybrid reading/writing of Contact and Contactless cards; Compact size and light weight allow easy installation in […] Read more

MTK-603 reader/writer is a high speed RFID card reading module that conforms to Mifare &Light Standard. It’s the low cost RFID reading/writing solution for a wide variety of hobbyist and commercial applications, including access control, automatic identification, robotics, navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, and car immobilization. Features:  High speed RFID reading/writing, high reliability and low power […] Read more

MTK-R13 is a Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Reader designed to be embedded in kiosks and gaming machines. . It functions reading single, dual or triple ISO magnetic tracks. Unlike common Magnetic Readers, MTK-R13 decodes data when inserting or dragging card out of reader. The insertion design make it possible to be dipped into gaming machines […] Read more