MUTEK Magnetic Card Readers, Magnetic Stripe Readers

MUTEK supplies different types of magnetic card readers to delivery reliable and compact magnetic stripe reading solutions. Mag Stripe Reader is a device featuring simple and easy to use, which has a wide application in POS, access control and self-service terminals.
MUTEK wholesales not only the popular Magnetic Swiping Readers of many designs, but also manual insert readers for integration in kiosks and gaming machines.

MTK-T12 USB Magnetic Stripe Reader

MTK-T12 USB Magnetic Card Reader MTK-T12 is a USB magnetic stripe reader with elegant and premium looking for use in various commercial applications. With a 6 inch length, wider rail opening and a base, the reader [...]

MTK-T5 Magnetic Card Reader (Mag Stripe Swiper)

MTK-T5 is a lightweight and compact Magnetic Card Reader for decoding the ISO 7811, AAMVA format magnetic stripes. The swiping reader features a business looking and is applicable for desktop use in customer-facing environments. MTK-T5 is [...]

MTK-R1x00 Series TTL Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Readers

MTK-R1x00 series TTL magnetic card swipe readers are offered for easy integration in kiosks, POS and other self-service terminals. The swipe reader features low power consumption and easy maintenance, with compact design and reliable performance. With [...]

MTK-R13 Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

MTK-R13 is a Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Reader designed to be embedded in kiosks and gaming machines. . It functions reading single, dual or triple ISO magnetic tracks. Unlike common Magnetic Readers, MTK-R13 decodes data when [...]