MTK-R1x00 Series TTL Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Readers

R1X00 Series TTL Magnetic Swiper

R1x00 Series TTL Magnetic Swipe Readers

MTK-R1x00 series TTL magnetic card swipe readers are offered for easy integration in kiosks, POS and other self-service terminals. The swipe reader features low power consumption and easy maintenance, with compact design and reliable performance.

With F/2F decoder chip, the devices output signal with TTL interface. Also, it’s configurable for single/dual/triple track reading of ISO7811/7812 magnetic stripe cards and bankbooks.

General Features:


  • Interface: TTL;
  • Decoder: F/2F;
  • Swiping speed: 15-120 cm/sec (6-48inch/sec);
  • Error rate: 0.5%(JSE Standard Card);
  • Recording density: 210 BPI 75 BPI 210 BPI;

Card Specs:

  • Standard: ISO7811/2;
  • Track: I(IATA), II (ABA), III (MINTS);
  • Track Location: ISO1 (IATA), ISO2 (ABA), ISO3 (MINTS);
  • Track Width: 1.5mm;
  • Card Thickness: 0.76 ± 0.08 mm;
  • Head life: 500,000 cycles;

Electrical parameters:

  • Voltage: DC3.3~5V
  • Current: 2mA(Single)/5mA(Dual)/7mm(Triple)@5V;
  • Fluctuation: <50mVp-p

Environmental Conditions:

  • Storage: -30°C~70°C, Less than 95% RH;
  • Operation: -10°C~50°C,  20~90% RH

Dimensions and weights vary for different models.

The TTL swipe readers are applicable for integration in various self-service devices. There are also manual Insert card readers available for magnetic stripe and/or smart cards.