MTK-T12 USB Magnetic Stripe Reader

MTK-T12 is a USB magnetic stripe reader with elegant and premium looking for use in various commercial applications. With a 6 inch length, wider rail opening and a base, the reader is more suitable for easy desktop placement and single hand swiping operation with accuracy.

T12 Magnetic Stripe Reader
MTK-T12 USB Magnetic Card Reader

The reader supports reading 3 tracks of magnetic stripes complying to ISO 7811. Cards can be swiped in both directions, with a LED indicator for a successful or unsuccessful scan. As a plug-and-play device, it automatically decode and uploads data in plain text.

Also it’s simple to config the way of data uploading with MTK-T12. With USB-COM mode support, your host device can command and control the device easily.


  • Elegant and premium looking for commercial use;
  • Optimized for desktop and single hand swiping;
  • USB interface, intelligent and highly configurable.
  • 2 Color Choices to match surroundings.


  • Supported Cards:
    • ISO 7811, AAMVA magnetic stripes;
    • Single/Dual/Triple tracks;
    • 0.2~0.86 thickness;
  • Swiping Speed: bidirectional, 10~150cm per sec (5~50in)
  • Working Power: DC5V±5%; 50mA;
  • Communication: USB/RS232(optional);
  • Read Rate: <1 error on 2000 swipes for cards conforming to ISO 7811 1-5
  • Life Cycle: 500,000 swipes for magnetic head, Rail and Cover;
  • Dimension: 40 mm(W) x 154 mm(L) x 48.6 mm(H);
    • Storage: -20°C to 60°C, Maximum – 95% non-condensing;
    • Working: -10°C to 50°C, Maximum – 95% non-condensing;
  • Weight: ~190g with cable;
  • Others:
    • Black or White Options;
    • LED Indicator(Red&Green), Beeper;
    • USB COM mode supported;
    • CE &FCC Certification.

MTK-T12 is a professional MSR tool for magnetic stripe reading in counter-top operations. With thorough optimization on design, the magnetic reader gains both in appearance, accuracy and efficiency.