Motor Driven Card Readers For Magnetic and Smart Cards

MUTEK supplies motor driven card readers for various kiosks and self-service machines in financial systems, retail systems, security systems and etc.. With compact and integrated design, our models are flexible to operate on Magnetic, Contact/Contactless chip cards.

MTK-A6N 3-in-1 Hybrid Motor Card Reader

MTK-A6N is a general purpose motorized card reader with integrated 3-in-1 card reader module for contact/contactless cards, magnetic stripe cards or hybrid cards. This reader is palm size small and compact with abundant features, high reliability [...]

MTK-A6 Multipurpose Motor Driven Card Reader/Writer

MTK-A6 Series motor Card reader is the compact hybrid motor card reader which supports Magnetic reading and IC/RFID Card reading&writing. MTK-A6 adopts wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant plastic for main body design, which provides high standard accurate control in [...]

Motorized Magnetic/IC/RFID Card Reader/Writer: MTK-R31

MTK-R31 is a revised hybrid motor card reader/writer that can support ISO standard magnetic stripe card reading and RFID&IC card Reading/Writing. It supports card feeding in/out from both front and rear side.  Special bezel design can effectively prevent [...]

All-In-One Motorized Card Reader/Encoder: MTK-R50

MTK-R50 is the motorized card reader and encoder that works for magnetic, IC and RFID cards.  For magnetic, it supports both hi-co and lo-co options. The machine is designed smartly for abnormal card rejection and anti-skimming. [...]