MTK-R13 Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

Half Insert Magnetic Reader

MTK-R13 Magnetic Stripe Reader

MTK-R13 is a Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Reader designed to be embedded in kiosks and gaming machines. . It functions reading single, dual or triple ISO magnetic tracks.

Unlike common Magnetic Readers, MTK-R13 decodes data when inserting or dragging card out of reader. The insertion design make it possible to be dipped into gaming machines and kiosks.


● Read 62% of magnetic track information when inserting and dragging;
● Compact and highly reliable design;
● Configurable Single/Dual/Triple track read;
● Easy Integration and Quick installation;
● TTL/RS232 Interface Options;


  • Hotel door locking system;
  • Gaming machines and Kiosk Reader;
  • Access control System.


MTK-R13 Specification