MTK-288D Manual Insert Card Reader

Manual Insert Reader MTK-288K

MTK-288D Manual Insert Reader

MTK-288D DIP Card Reader reads magnetic cards and read/write both smart and memory cards. With RS232 and USB interfaces, the devices offers user-friendly command protocol for easy integration in various kiosks, ATMs and other self-service terminals.

Product Specifications:

  • Card Standard:
    • Magnetic Card Read: ID-1,7811 ;
    • IC Card Read/Write: ISO7816-2 IC Card T=0,T=1 CPU Card; T=0、T=1 SIM Card;
  • Card Dimension: 55*86mm, 0.4~1.2mm thickness(Default: 0.8mm);
  • Life Cycles: Magnetic Head>500,000 times;  IC Contact>500,000 times;
  • Interface: RS-232&USB2.0;
  • Power Supply: DC 5V±10%
  • Operating Condition: 0~50℃/0~90%RH(No condensing);
  • Dimension:
    • Interface: 99*73*8mm(LxWxD);
    • Cassette: 78*35.1*110.5mm(LxW*D);
  • Weight: 0.2Kg;


ATM/CD、ATM/CD, KIOSK terminals, POS terminals, Security terminals, Other ID terminals