MTK-F53 Multi-Tray Card Issuing Machine

Multi-Tray Dispenser

F53 Multiple Tray Dispenser

MTK-F53 card issuing machine provides up to 4 trays for dispensing 4 types of cards. The dispenser is also ready to work independently or connect to various motor driven card readers from MUTEK or other third party suppliers such as OMRON, SANKYO, KDE etc.


  • Available in choice of 2~4 trays, controllable card dispensing from any tray with shared dispensing channel;
  • Ready to work independently or integrate with various motor driven card readers, barcode scanners etc.;
  • Stable and Robust Dispensing Mechanism, accurate sensor detection and status monitoring;
  • Equipped with error card bin for calling back and collecting faulty cards;


  • Card Specification: 55x88mm; 0.8mm thickness;
  • Capacity: 125pcs for each tray,  optional 2~4 trays;
  • Reader Options: Reader models can be selected according to use; possible to integrate readers to implement different functions such as magnetic encoding/decoding, IC/RF reading/writing, barcode scanning etc.
  • Communication: RS232;
  • Power Supply: DC24V±5%4A;
  • Dispense/CallBack Speed: Typ. 2.0 seconds;
  • Dimensions: refer to specification
  • Weight: 7Kg;
  • Temperature: -10℃~50℃;

As a specialized card issuing device, MTK-F53 is ready to be used in such self service terminals that is targeting on comprehensive card vending/dispensing services for banking, finance, hospitality, healthcare and utilities etc.