MTK-F11 card issuing machine is a standard profile motor card dispenser with RFID Antenna space. MTK-F11 is designed to have both card dispensing and collecting functions in one machine, which brings great convenience in  your card vending and recycling solutions. With open antenna space, MTK-F11 works with various mounted third party RFID card readers of […] Read more

MTK-F32X3 is a customized SIM card dispenser that have 3 card hoppers adjustable to load either full or half-size SIM cards. With 3 adjustable card hoppers, the machine is capable of distributing and vending SIM cards of popular sizes from various mobile operators. MTK-F32X3 automatically detects and adapts to different sizes of SIM cards and […] Read more

MTK-F53 is a 4-tray card dispenser features easy customization and integration with motor card readers, card channels and printers etc..  With extended motor card reader integrated, the dispenser is capable of decoding magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart cards. Alternatively with open channel extended, the motor dispenser gains the flexibility to add barcode scanners or […] Read more

MTK-T12 is a USB magnetic stripe reader with elegant and premium looking for use in various commercial applications. With a 6 inch length, wider rail opening and a base, the reader is more suitable for easy desktop placement and single hand swiping operation with accuracy. MTK-T12 USB Magnetic Card Reader The reader supports reading 3 […] Read more

MTK-571 is the motorized card dispenser machine built to accommodate an RFID Module or a Smart card module. The dispenser is based on a unique and reliable mechanism within a smooth transportation mechanism. Features: Combination of card dispensing and IC/RF card encoding Card-Empty, Pre-card empty detection with audible alarm Two method of retract card: Error […] Read more