MTK-F8-1400 Turntable Card Personalization Dispenser

MTK-F8-1400 is a turntable card personalization dispenser with color printing, embossing/indenting and tipping functions. Built for fully automatic and comprehensive kiosk card personalization and dispensing solutions, the turntable card personalizer enables instant self-service issuance for credit cards, ID cards of banks, finance, and governments.

Turntable Card Personalizer Dispenser

MTK-F8-1400 card personalization machine is highly configurable according to demand to include or exclude embossing, printing, indenting and tipping modules, to extend or reduce card feeders. Flexible 2 or 3 story framework options are available for various kiosks of freestanding, counter-top or through wall design.

MTK-F8-1400 with Printer

Key features:

  1. Fully automation, modular design, high scalability and easy maintenance;
  2. Up to 3 card feeders and 6 card hoppers for multi-types of printed or blank cards(up to total 2000+ pcs);
  3. All in one functions of color printing, embossing/indenting, tipping, scanning, indexed storage and recycling.
Topviewer-Card Personalizer

Card Personalizer Top-view

MTK-F8 turntable card dispenser series is built for instant card issuance versatile equipped with on-site card printing/embossing and other self service modules. With easy integration, clients can easily build their own instant card issuance kiosks and deploy the instant card solutions easily.