MTK-F59 Six-Hopper Card Dispenser Module

MTK-F59 is the card dispenser module with up to 6 portable card hoppers that can be highly customized to work with motor card readers. With card hooking mechanism applied, the machine can be controlled to issue card from designated card hopper. All Hoppers and collection boxes are securely locked for security and safe management.

Six Hopper Card Dispenser F59


  1. Hooking mechanism applicable for issuing plain or embossed cards;
  2. Up to 6 lockable hoppers and 2 error card collection box;
  3. Highly customizable to integrate different motor card readers or motor card channels;
MTK-F59 Card Dispenser Module

MTK-F59 Six Hopper Card Dispenser


The MTK-F59 multiple hopper card dispenser is applicable for various bank card dispensing, SIM card dispensing, and other card issuance applications for ATM, card dispenser kiosk and other self service terminals.