MTK-F81 Turntable Disordered Card Dispenser

MTK-F81 is an advanced turntable card dispenser for disordered dispensing of cards with personalized information in government, finance and healthcare applications.

MTK-F81 Turntable Card Dispenser

MTK-F81 Turntable Disordered Card Dispenser

The machine is equipped with proprietary rotary card cassette(s) in turntable and multiple-track design, it can  document up to 1080 pieces of personalized cards to designated slots, and it locates and dispenses target card from the recorded position.

With internal card hopper, the machine allows unattended batch uploading of cards, operators just need to put the hopper in position and go. Also, personal users can insert their cards from front motor reader for registration, renewal, replacement or return operations.

With advanced positioning mechanism, the dispenser provides high speed of 6 seconds per card for batch uploading and disordered dispensing. Dropbox position is reserved for regular cleanup and error card recycling. Also, with rich and thorough sensor deployment, the machine can report card status and machine status timely and accurately.

MTK-F81 is a highly customizable machine with many options and features to configure and explore, it is applicable for governmental departments, banks or other big organizations that have regular and heavy work with personalized cards , such as ID cards, debit cards, credit cards and membership card. Particularly, it lightens load and improves efficiency during upgrading from traditional magnetic cards to smart chip cards.