MTK-F32 Dual-Fit SIM Phone Card Dispenser

F32 Dual Fit Card DispenserMTK-F32 is a dual-fit SIM card dispenser specially designed to adapt 2 card sizes flexibly. Mobile operators usually issue SIM phone cards in 2 different sizes of standard ISO7810 ID-1 or half sized.  By only adjusting the card hopper size, the MTK-F32 can be instantly self adaptive to dispense the 2 SIM card sizes without software change.


  • Card Requirements:
    • 86x54mm (ISO7810 ID-1 ) or 43x56mm(1/2 of ID-1)
    • IC Card:T=0、T=1 CPU Card,SAM Card, Mobile Phone SIM CArd;
  • Power Supply: DC24V±5%(By USB or separate input );
  • Communication interface: RS232+USB(PC/SC Compliant);
  • Life Time:
    • IC card contact: 300,000times min;
  • Environmental conditions:
    • Operation:0℃~50℃/0 ~ 90% Rh(Non condensing);
    • Storage:-25℃~80℃/0 ~ 95% Rh(Non condensing);
  • Weight: ~1.5Kg;


  • SIM Card Vending machines for mobile operators, retailers and self-service companies;

MTK-F32 offers flexibility of dispensing 2 types of SIM cards without software change and extra cost. Comparing to the MTK-F31 general purpose card dispenser, MTK-F32 is more specialized and stable for handling mobile SIM cards.
MTK-F32 SIM Card Dispenser