MTK-284 functions full-track reading of magnetic stripe and also reads/writes both smart and memory cards of ISO Standards. The device has options of RS232 or USB interface and replaceable bezels. It’s designed with long life magnetic head and landing IC contact. Optionally, it support PSAM board. Series Information: MTK-284 is supplied in 2 series: RS232 […] Read more

MTK-R1300 is the half-insertion magnetic card reader with compact and dependable design.  The reader implements partial decoding of magnetic tracks conforming to ISO7811. It can read approximately 60% of the magnetic stripe. (Approximately 52 characters on track 1; 25 characters on track 2; and 73 characters on track 3). Series Information: MTK-R13 is provided in 2 […] Read more

This article introduces how the Microsoft PC/SC specification are the supported by MUTEK motor card dispensers. Mutek supplies machines which will support its customized or any third party PC/SC smart card readers. PC/SC (Short for “Personal Computer/Smart Card”) is a specification for smart-card integration into computing environments. Together with several famous smart card solution provider, Microsoft has implemented PC/SC in […] Read more

Recently, there are many questions raised about our card dispensing solutions.  Generally, here is an article that briefly summarizes the difference of  card issuing machines and card dispensers.  It will also serve as an reference when you are going to deploy your own card dispensing solutions. What’s the difference of a card dispenser and a […] Read more

We have developed this help page to assist you with standard information you may need, It also includes all the frequently asked questions about trading with us. Questions related to Sampling policy, terms of trading , shipment &delivery, payment etc. are listed here. How can I get samples for testing and evaluation from MUTEK Limited? You […] Read more