MTK-F37v2 – A new 2FF Mini SIM Card Dispenser Released

Preview of MTK-F37V2

F37v2 – A new compact & Mini-Sized 2FF SIM Card Dispenser

MUTEK is to release a rebuilt 2FF SIM Card dispenser featuring lightweight, portability . It’s targeted on versatility on SIM card dispensing solutions cross desktop, portable terminals or self-service kiosks.

MTK-F37v2 mini SIM card dispenser keeps the removable card hopper, error card bin, RS232 interface for mechanical control and PC/SC USB option for card reading. It’s still downward compatible with other F3 series card dispensers in communication protocol.

Prerelease MTK-F37v2 Mini SIM Dispenser

F37v2 has a redesigned appearance and plastic casing to be compact, lightweight and portable. The new machines keeps only the card dropping mode and will not support card holding mode. Instead of DC motors, the new one applies stepper motor for more accurate card transferring to reduce physical sensor usage for robustness and less maintenance.

Mini SIM Card Dispenser

Preview MTK-F37v2 Mini SIM card Dispenser

MUTEK has enlisted card dispenser models for SIM cards published in various form factors, either standard or nonstandard, such as standard full ID-1 size(1FF), half size, 2FF mini size or certain packaged cards. The upcoming F37v2 Dispenser is to complete our coverage in SIM Card Dispensing solutions.