MUTEK has built up a unique system to assure that our sold products to keep a high percentage of up-time on their machines. We maintain a solid partnership with our customers to supply product enhancements, service and upgrades of both hardware and software at reasonable prices and fast response. Following is a listing of the supports and services we provide:

Technical Support:
On-Line support is available through our after-sales service email: [email protected] by submitting error codes and other problems step by step. We will response in one work days by email and/or phone calls. We can solve most problems quickly over the phone. This service keeps you up and running and reduces or eliminates the need for on-site service visits which can be arranged if necessary.

Manual insert card reader/writers, card issuing machines and dispensers (current models only), and control boards are refurbished at our factory. Our customer simply places the order for these components, it is shipped out quickly, it is billed at full price, and when the old unit is returned to our factory, a core credit is applied to the customer’s account. In the event that the unit is under warranty, the customer is credited for the full amount.

Service Parts:
We maintain an inventory of new and rebuilt parts and supplies. They are available for immediate delivery in order to meet the service needs of our customers. We understand that unforeseen problems with dispensing equipment can mean downtime for your vending machine and a potential loss of revenue. We believe in service after the sale and believe that every problem has a solution. Our service is on the leading edge of the industry to assure that your gaming or prepaid card vending machine is functioning properly with as little downtime as possible.

Service Information:
As an additional service to our customers we now have installation and service instructions available to download in PDF format.