Drivers, Demo Programs & Integration Support

Our card operating machines are provided with full support from drivers, demo programs and other technical issues for integration. Here are questions on support over our machines.

What technical documents are provided for your machines?

Generally, two detailed documents are affiliated with the released model. Specification datasheet is for introduction of the product comprehensively. Communication protocol explains the detailed programming guide for integration.

Do you provide drivers and demo programs for your machines?

Yes, we provide verified drivers and demo programs for the our machines. And all these are provided along with source codes.  Drivers can be directly used for integration and development.  However, demo programs are recommended for debugging and testing purposes only.

What Operating Systems do you support?

We provide drivers and demo programs that run on Windows and Linux/Unix separately. Limited support are provided for other system such as Android, uOS etc. However, customer can develop according to their needs and capabilities following our technical guidance.


As a leading supplier of card dispensers, card issuing machines and other card operating machines, we are dedicated to provide all-round and  professional support for customer integration and development. Our drivers and demo programs are supplied for free with our machines.