RS232 or TTL Serial Communication

Our machines use serial transmission protocol for data input and output. Serial is easy to implement, and it can receive/send any data from card dispensing terminal to a COM port.  All our machines are driven part which communicates with upper computer to receive command and respond with status of execution.

What’s the typical communication interfaces for our machines?

Typically, our dispensing machines would use RS-232 COM interface, which is popular in kiosks and other terminals. Moreover, certain models would support TTL interface as the other option for long distance data transmission.  RS232 and  TTL machines share same drivers, while need only different ports.

Is USB port communication supported by our machines?

USB port is provided in limited portable models, such as magstripe swipe readers, RFID reading modules. For card issuing machines, card vending machines and other stationary card reading/encoding modules,  USB port is not provided directly and not recommended in practical use.

However, for debugging purpose, you can use a RS232/TTL to USB converter to get connected with computer USB port.

Why not USB for our card dispensing machines and issuing machines?

Majorly, USB port is not provided and recommended for practical use.  There are 2 main reasons for this.

  1. USB is designed majorly for portable devices, while our machines would be stationary mostly. RS232 and TTL provides more reliable and robust data communication;
  2. USB is designed for high speed data transmission, which are not needed for our products. RS232 and TTL would provide sufficient transmission speed.

Is custom development for other interfaces available?

Custom development for other interfaces is provided based on our current models.  In case you need developing of a new interface, you need provide technical document for our feasibility evaluation. Development fees and extra costs for pilot sample would be charged in advance. Currently, CC Talk Interface can be implemented on our dispensing and issuing machines.