Major Products In Supply From MUTEK Limited?

MUTEK Limited is a leading China supplier of  card reader/writer, card dispensers and card issuing machines.  We offer our card machines for easy integration and quick deployment. 

What card sizes are supported by our products?

Our machines majorly support ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 cards that specifies a size of 85.60 × 53.98 mm.  There are also card issuing machine model that would operate on ISO/IEC 7810 ID-3 (125 x 88 mm).  Moreover, MTK-F19 postcard dispenser would support 125mmx100mm postcard, coupons or lottery tickets.

What Recording technology are supported by our reader/encoder modules?

Our decoding/encoding modules mainly operate on popular magnetic stripe, contact or contactless RFID, IC cards that comply with international regulation and standardization.  Bar code card scanning functions are also available in some models.

What kind of operations are available for our card machines?

Besides reading and/or encoding, our machines function on card issuing, card dispensing and card accepting. Card issuing machines or dispensers distribute from internal card hoppers to the user. And card acceptor retrieves cards from users to the hopper.

What’s the difference between card issuing and card dispensing?

This is the naming rule from MUTEK. Generally, a card issuing machine can’t be equipped with reading or encoding modules while card dispenser can according to requirements.


In general, our machines would satisfy major card operation needs in various applications such as ATMs, vending machines, car parking system or gaming machines.  We are dedicated to provide developers, equipment manufacturers with professional platforms for contact IC/RF ID/magnetic card technology integration and operation.