MTK-F21 Motor Card Collector for RFID &Barcodes

MTK-F21 Motor Card Collector

MTK-F21 Motor Card Collector

MTK-F21 is an automatic Card recycling machine which can also serve as motorized Barcode card scanner or RFID Card reader/writer. The machine applies wear-resistant and corrosion resistant plastic in main body design, which greatly minimizes metal interference to RF signals and improves reading success rate.

MTK-F21 is available in TTL or RS232 interface, which makes it flexible to co-work with various control panels and host machines in access control systems, card parking management, Auto Fare Control(AFC) and other card payment terminals, etc.


  1.  Durable plastic frame design, minimized RF signal interference;
  2. Easy integration of various RF card reader/writer or barcode scanner modules;
  3. TTL or RS-232 interface for easy integration into various systems;
  4. Configurable auto card retracting and withdrawal;
711N Collector With Barcode Scanner Installed

711N Collector With Barcode Scanner Installed


  • Supported Card Types:
    • RFID: ISO14443 Compliant, Mifare or ID Card etc.(min 25mm distance);
    • Barcodes: Linear or matrix(depends on capability of barcode modules);
  • Card Dimensions: 54x86mm, 0.2~1.2mm Self Adaptable;
  • Communication: RS232/TTL;
  • Power Supply: DC24V1A;
  • Lifespan: 800,000 recycling cycles;
  • Temperature: -20~+60℃(Working); -30~+70℃(Storage);
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 127x94x82mm;
  • Weight: 0.5Kg;

MTK-F21 is the motor card collector that is designed for wide adaptability and easy deployment. It’s the optimal choice of automatic RFID or barcode reading/recycling solutions.

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