Our Products

MUTEK has been supplying various motorized card reader, card dispenser machines for years.  We are specialized in motorized machines for Card Reading/Writing, dispensing and collecting.  Kindly check the categories below for the products we serve for your card reading, writing and dispensing solutions.

Motor Card Readers/Writers

MTK-A6 Card Reader

Motor Card Reader

Available in various combination for smart card decoding and encoding. Applicable for various self-service terminals, auto vending machines, interactive information kiosks.

  • Manual Insert Magnetic Card Readers;
  • Motor Smart Card (IC/RFID) Reader/Writer;
  • Motorized Machine for Magnetic and Smart Cards;
  • All-purpose motor Card Decoder/Encoder.

Motor Card Dispensers 

Card Issuing Machine: MTK-F31

Card Issuing Machine: MTK-F31

Motor Card dispensers equipped with various combination of card reading/writing modules. Applicable for card vending machines, Auto Fare Control Systems and access control systems.

    • Dispensers with smart card modules;
    • Dispensers with magnetic decoding modules;
  •  Dispenser with magnetic decoding/encoding modules;

Our experience allows us to guide you through the design in process right through to production requirements by providing you with the technical information you need.