Motorized Auto Card Recycling Machine: MTK-711

Motor Card Acceptor: MTK-711

Motor Card Acceptor: MTK-711

MTK-711 is the motorized card recycling machine that collects card automatically with optional native support for ISO compliant RFID decoding and encoding. With atenna space reserved, it’s also optional to customize with your own proximity card readers or barcode reader. The collector is in compact and robust design and support RS-232/USB/TTL communication for easy integration and development.  It’s can be used in self-service solutions for card parking management, RF card initialization and access control systems.


  • Optional RFID or Barcode reading module;
  • Card Auto-Retract and Quantity detection function;
  • Support multi-communication of as many as 16 units;
  • RoHs Compliant;


  •   Card Types:Accepting, RFID Reading/Writing(Optional), Barcode Reading(Optional)
    • Dimension: 50~55mmx85~86mm;
    • Thickness: 0.2~1.2mm(ISO standard cards);
    • Can hold up to 350 cards(0.4mm);
  • Life Time: 500,000times
  • Communication Port: RS-232/TTL;
  • Power Supply: DC 24V±5%;
  • Temperature:-10℃~60℃;
  • Weight: 0.7Kg;
  • Dimension: 120x91x100mm

Instruction Manual: MTK-711_Card_Collecting_Machine_Specification.pdf

MTK-711 is the motorized card collecting machine that is optional to have RFID and Barcode Scanner Modules. If you have demands for combined dispensing and collecting functions, please consider our MTK-F31 Card dispenser or other products from our portfolio.