High Quality Card Dispensers, Card Dispensing Machines

High quality Card Dispensers are supplied for card dispensing applications in self-service kiosks. Featuring easy development and low cost, the machines are the best to fit your targeted demands.
Motor Driven Dispensers of this category are supplied with reading/writing functions of different card types such as magnetic cards, contact&contactless chip cards etc.

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MTK-F61 is the featured magnetic card dispenser designed for magnetic card dispensing and decoding. It’s also available for reading/writing of ISO 7816  contact IC and ISO 14443 RF cards with optional modules. Features: Combination of Card dispensing and collecting functions with compact profile; Optimized channel design for transporting of embossed and distorted cards; Simple Collection Bin […] Read more

MTK-F12 is the short profile auto card issuing machine applicable for dispensing plastic and paper cards, coupons and vending tickets.  The 146mm installation length allows more adaptability for application in various card vending solutions. With optional TTL and RS232 interface, the machine is ready to work with self-service computers, sensor switches or pushbutton controls, which […] Read more

MTK-F52 card dispenser is for issuing, reading and encoding of Magnetic, IC and RFID cards. Designed with pre-empty detection function, it’s the reliable solution for card dispensing, capturing and accepting. By turning-knob , it’s easy and precise for adjustment of different card thickness. Specifications: Display: Empty/Stuck/Ready LED Status Indicator; Dispense Cycle: 1.5-2.0 seconds Card Type: […] Read more

MTK-F19 is the card issuing machine designed for postcards, lottery tickets or other special cards of  120x100mm.  With pre-issuing function, the machine features high dispensing speed of 1~2sec per card. The card thickness is adjustable from 0.5mm to 3.0mm. And stackable card holder can be hold up to 500 pcs 0.5mm cards. Specification:  Card Types:Plastic/Paper Cards, […] Read more