The 1st China Vending Machine Exchange Meeting took place in Guangzhou

China Vending Machine Exchange Meeting 2013 successfully kicked off at Taigucang Wharf Yacht Club on November 8. It was jointly organized by Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. and China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair (VMF). Altogether 16 leading enterprises in vending machine industry attended the meeting, including UBOX, LE Vending of China Co., Ltd., MEI China Office, Guangzhou Joyi Animation Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Likang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Discussion centered on the current situation and future development of China’s vending machine industry was carried out by all the attendees.

In the beginning, Wang Zhaoyun, president of Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., talked about the purposes of this meeting and expressed expectations of the entire industry. The meeting was held with a view to promote industrial development, popularize application and to offer a communication channel. They also looked forward to boosting product application, promoting industrial growth and facilitating customers’ procurement via holding VMF.

“Vending machines have experienced the shift from traditional ones to new ones which combine digital signage and internet, and the change from cash payment to non-monetary transaction. Each technological breakthrough is achieved by our hard work,” Zhou Jianghua said, general manager of UBOX.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, 150,000 vending machines are launched in Chinese market each year, making China the world’s largest consumer market in this line. Retail sales of vending machines account for 0.53% of resident income. It is estimated that China’s market capacity will reach about 4 million vending machines by 2015. Over the past two years, nearly 200,000 ones were sold to high-end venues in developed regions. China is home to tens of thousands of shopping mall, over 1 million stadia, 220 airports, over 10,000 parks and a great number of other public venues. They all have huge and continuous demand for vending machines and self-service facilities.

Under the favorable circumstance, China Vending Machine Exchange Meeting comes into being, and different kinds of vending machines are launched to the market due to the increasingly personalized needs. VMF 2014 will devoted itself to setting up a professional platform for vending machine industry and KTV, disco, metro, tourist attraction and related industries having massive demand.

It can be seen that China’s vending machine industry is of huge potential. Related experts predict that this industry will witness fast growth rate in China in the future, and will usher in more flourishing development.