Card Recycling Machines: MTK-RV11(Discontinued)

MTK-RV11 Card Recycling Machines

MTK-RV11 Card Recycling Machines

MTK-RV11 card recycling machines to our economical series that majorly target on car parking management systems and other semi-self-service systems. With reserved space for RFID antenna and simple communication commands,  the auto collecting machine greatly helps in quick customization and development.


  1. Dust-proof and Shockproof design,  applicable for outdoor and extreme environments;
  2. Maximized antenna space for adaptability of  different proximity RFID modules, lower read failure rate;
  3. Optional long-life stepper motor models for long expectancy and less maintenance;
  4. High precision molded parts makes good accuracy and uniformity.

Available Models:

  1. MTK-RV11: Card Recycling Machine With Recycle Bin;
  2. MTK-RV11S: Recycling Machine w/o Recycle Bin;


  • Card Type: PVC or Paper Cards, Optional RFID Card Read/Write with Relevant Module;
  • Card Dimension: 54x86mm, 0.6~2.0mm adjustable thickness;
  • Communication: RS232, RS485, I/O Level;
  • Power Supply: DC24V2A
  • Recycle Bin: 100pcs*0.76mm(factory default);
  • Lifespan: 500,000 recycling cycles;
  • Temperature: -25~+70℃(Working); -30~+70℃(Storage);
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 144×100×98mm(MTK-RV11S); 254×100×98mm(MTK-RV11);
  • Weight: 1.5Kg;

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Along with MTK-DS series card dispensers  and vehicle detector accessories, it’s now easy to deploy your own customized card dispensing and recycling system for fully-automated car parking management system.

Notes: This machine has been discontinued, successive model is MTK-F21(711N).