MTK-F8-1600 Turntable Card Delivery Machine

MTK-F8-1600 is an advanced card delivery machine for organizing and delivering personalized ID cards such as bank cards, government ID cards. With 4 co-axis turntable cassettes equipped, this turntable card dispenser can hold up to 2160 pcs of ID cards.

Card Delivery Machine

The machine automatically loads cards from hopper to target slot from turntable and record slot position by the unique information from card.

The free-standing and enclosed design of the dispenser makes it easy for integrating into various kiosk machines and self-service terminals for dispensing finished cards with personalized information such as photo, ID and account number etc.

Along with basic kiosk hardware such chassis, touch screen and some other I/O modules, it’s ready to go for a fully-automated and unattended card distributing solution for large-scale card upgrading and replacement in governmental, healthcare and finance areas.

Turntable Card Delivery Machine MTK-F8-1600