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MUTEK Limited is a high-tech enterprise which develops and produces card reader/writer, card dispensers and card issuing machines and other card operating machines. It’s the reliable supplier of card issuing machines, card dispensers and card reader/writers.
Since its establishment in 2005, MUTEK has gradually built complete R&D and production line of card readers, dispensers, issuing machines, and cash acceptors, etc. Read More

MTK-F53 Multi-Tray Card Issuing Machine

MTK-F53 Multiple tray card dispenser

MTK-F53 card issuing machine provides up to 4 trays for dispensing 4 types of cards. The dispenser is also ready to work independently or connect to various motor driven card readers from MUTEK or other third party suppliers such as OMRON, SANKYO, KDE etc.

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MTK-F38 Card Circulating Machine (Motorized Card Circulator)

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MTK-F38 Card Circulating Machine permits unattended card circulation. The motorized card circulator dispenses cards and callback for reissue constantly and circularly. Smart card Reader is integrated for reading/writing contactless/contact IC cards.

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Motorized RFID/IC Card Dispenser: MTK-F31

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MTK-F31 card dispenser is the full functional smart card dispenser. It’s well designed with a balance of cost and stability for batch deployment. With innovative mechanical design, the model features unique capability of reading IC/RFID card served from both card stackers or users.

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MTK-F5 Hybird Card Dispenser Machine (Security model)

F5 series Card Dispenser

MTK-F5 series Card Dispenser is the safeguarded hybrid motor dispenser with lockable&portable card stacker and error card bin. The highly modular dispensing module works with an independent motor card reader module which functions reading magnetic stripe and reading/writing smart cards.

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MTK-F37 Mini SIM Card Dispenser (2FF Mini SIM cards)

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MTK-F37 is our latest Mini SIM Card dispenser with PC/SC compatible IC read/write modules. The machine works on 2FF SIM and is upward compatible with 3FF micro or 4FF nano SIM cards. The dispenser is designed for initialization and vending purpose of mobile companies.

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MTK-711N/F21 Motor Card Collector for RFID &Barcodes

MTK-711N Card Collector

MTK-711N is an automatic Card recycling machine which can also serve as motorized Barcode card scanner or RFID Card reader/writer. The machine applies wear-resistant and corrosion resistant plastic in main body design, which greatly minimizes metal interference to RF signals

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