Leading Supplier of Kiosk Card Dispensers &Card Readers

MUTEK Limited is a leading company which develops and produces card reader/writer, card dispensers and card issuing machines and other card operating machines. It is the reliable supplier of card issuing machines, card dispensers and card reader/writers.

MTK-R13 Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

MTK-R13 is a Half Insert Magnetic Stripe Reader designed to be embedded in kiosks and gaming machines. . It functions reading single, dual or triple ISO magnetic tracks. Unlike common Magnetic Readers, MTK-R13 decodes data when [...]

Magnetic Swipe Card Reader: MTK-T1S

MTK-T1S is compact magnetic swipe card reader.  It reads 3 tracks of data with a single swipe in either direction and conforms to industry ISO7811/7812 specifications.  It’s easy to be integrated into kiosks, security systems and vending devices etc. [...]